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Developer Brian Murphy lost Pembroke ZBA approval of the "River Marsh" Development, but he is still appealing that, and may be able to push this through unless we continue to use our experts and fight! There are agency hearings and court hearings in the future, and we NEED YOUR help!!! We, the immediate neighbors, CANNOT do this on our own!

Currently, Murphy is trying to avoid the Massachusetts EPA restrictions by asking that they be waived for this development. Murphy seeks to put 56 condo units and roadways and more, with a Wastewater Treatment Plant, 2 stormwater drainage systems, and 4 leeching fields on roughly 18 acres of buildable land!

This land has a unique resource on it... the North River (the only federally protected river in Massachusetts), with many tributaries, marshes, vernal pools, and wetlands ON the land proposed to be developed. There are experts who have opined that many wetlands and tributaries into and adjacent to the proposed development are not properly marked, and have been "overlooked". Even many of the wetlands which ARE described in the plans are going to be built on and obliterated! There would be a few "affordable" units in this development... which would still be very expensive, and which would NOT make Pembroke exempt from future similar developments.

But the MOST critical issue is that this proposed North River development is UNIQUE. It would dump tens of thousands of gallons of wastewater PER DAY into the delicately balanced North River watershed. Furthermore, this Treatment Plant is proposed to be on the wetland/riverside of the Development! The damage could be incalculable. WE MUST DRAW THE LINE HERE!!! We cannot lose this precious resource just because of dollars in a developer's pocket!

The immediate neighbors have already spent many thousands of dollars on hiring experts and have been contacting everyone and spending countless hours working to stop this damaging project for many years, but we need YOUR help now and ongoing as this matter slogs through agencies and courts in an ongoing battle which could last years.

Financial help, contacting your legislator help, help with getting the word out, help with contacting local officials--- all these are critical!

Here is the full collection of letters

letter to reps and senators (2)
Download PDF • 4.43MB

Please contact us at, or go to,

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