Important Meeting June 8th

Hello All,

The River Marsh Development ZBA meeting on June 8th at 7pm has been confirmed on the Town Website. The meeting again will be Public via Zoom, and we’re asking all interested to PLEASE REGISTER AND ATTEND. We can’t emphasize how important it is that Town officials know South Shore residents, politicians and environmental groups are passionate in their resistance to this public safety and environmental intrusion, and the best way to do that is to show up (register) in numbers.


The meeting should be interesting. The developer will be introducing a new plan, though my suspicion is it will do little to alleviate most of our concerns. At this point there are no documents (new plan - Engineer and traffic peer reviews) on the Town website. It is a frustrating process. The Town has done a great job posting documents, though they are often submitted so close to the meeting that we don't have adequate time to review - and yes, I do think that is part of the developer's playbook. I will send out a heads up as soon as they get posted and of course our attorney and hydrologist will review.

All documents can be found on The only new post is the 2005 rejection letter and the Developers comments regarding this original denial. Their response is shallow and filled with inconsistencies. We will make certain the ZBA hears our counter stance.

We have placed signs around Town, re-launched our website , increased facebook posts and have passed out information door to door. The positive feedback and support has been great. PLEASE SHARE THIS EMAIL and our posting on Facebook with friends. Numbers matter - encourage people interested to visit our website and sign up for notifications. Our subscriber list has doubled in the last two weeks - it's great to hear from so many concerned residents.

Again we are asking residents to send e-mails to legislators and town reps expressing their concerns about this project. We think it’s important and impactful. These people are you and me – they are our neighbors and friends - they care about our community and they are emboldened by your comments to fight for what THEY KNOW IS RIGHT.


Town -,,

State Reps -,,,,

Thank you all for your continued support. Don't forget to register for the meeting,

CAPN River

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