Important Meeting

We are asking all interested to PLEASE ATTEND and VOICE YOUR CONCERNS. We can’t emphasize how important it is that Town officials know South Shore residents, politicians and environmental groups are passionate in their resistance to this public safety and environmental intrusion, and the best way to do that is to show up in numbers.

All documents can be found on There are a lot of new postings, including new Developer Plans and Peer reviews. Please visit and share and as well.

This is likely the final ZBA meeting. There are more steps, hurdles and opportunities to express our objections following, but this is obviously very important. We will have our specialist highlight our group concerns, and we anticipate others will as well.

Again we are asking residents to Call and send e-mails to legislators and town reps expressing their concerns about this project. We think it’s important and impactful. These people are you and me – they are our neighbors and friends - they care about our community and they are emboldened by your comments to fight for what THEY KNOW IS RIGHT. Town -,, State Reps -,,,, ZBA and Planning - 781-709-1433 Town Manager - 781-293-3844 Thank you all for your continued support. See you Tuesday night... CAPN River

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