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Letter from the town on the Mass Housing announcement

To all of the Water Street residents and abutters who have been patiently awaiting word from MassHousing, I wanted to pass along the scan of the document that MassHousing has sent out to the town and others as referenced in the letter as soon as I received it.

The next step would be that the applicant will file an application for a Comprehensive Permit with the town through its Zoning Board. That process would include notification to abutters of the public hearing schedule.

Link to the letter -

I also wanted to provide a list of contact people for upcoming processes that would occur:

Zoning Board of Appeals:

Chairman Rick Casavant, ZBA Assistant Michele Dowling, 781-709-1432

Conservation Commission:

Chairman Sharon McNamara, Assistant Rachel Keller, 781-709-1424

Board of Health:

Health Agent Lisa Cullity, Secretary Sheila Landy, 781-293-2718

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions.

Take care,


Sabrina Chilcott

Assistant to the Town Administrator

Pembroke Board of Selectmen's Office

Office of the Town Administrator

Phone: 781-293-3844

Fax: 781-293-4650


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